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How our plastic injection molding process works.

Plastic Injection Molding

PIMCO uses plastic injection molding which is a process of heating plastic and forcing that plastic under high pressure into a mold. In Pimco's case we insert a bolt into a mold and force heated plastic into the mold and over the bolt head. This is done under extreme pressure, up to 75 tons can be applied. The finished product is an encapsulated bolt.

Plastic injection process for encapsulated tank bolts.

The process starts with virgin plastic from manufactures such as DuPont and others. The customer can specify the polymer of their choice or use a plastic we have in stock. The chosen material is then isolated to prevent cross contamination. When molding has started the parts are checked for proper dimension, weight, and color. Throughout the process, at scheduled times, the parts are rechecked. When the run is finished the parts are inventoried ready for shipment.