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PIMCO is located in SE Kansas with it's world headquarters in Saint Paul, Ks.. This central location gives us quick access to shipping in any part of the country. This ensures that the shipping of our materials in and products out happen in the most expedited manner possible.

PIMCO is a private company owned and operated by Dan and Misty O'Brien. Since starting PIMCO over 15 years ago, Dan now has 25+ years in the plastic molding industry and brings that experience with his hands on attention to detail in the complete plastic molding process.

Our Mission

PIMCO has a robust Quality Management System that is built around a complete customer satisfaction policy and rigorous continual product improvement. This gives our customers the assurance that we have the quality management in place to ensure our manufacturing process produces plastic products that are consistently of the highest quality.

Why Choose Us

Employees, both Management and operators are committed and empowered to provide products and services that exceed our internal and external customers' expectation. We work together to achieve world-class quality with a relentless drive for continuous improvement.